We Ranked 16 “The Devil Wears Prada” Characters To Find Out Once And For All Who The Villain Of This Movie Is

MC: Lily’s a good friend who likes labels and people not cheating on their significant others, and hey, who among us doesn’t? Like the rest of Andy’s friends, she’s skeptical about whether this job is good for her, but she probably should be, what with the fact that it’s a terrible working environment. But she does participate in one of the film’s most unforgivable acts — when Andy’s friends play hot potato with her phone while she’s getting a call from Miranda — and that scene sends a chill down my spine. 

NJ: Did we watch the same movie? I disagree here. I don’t think Lily is a good friend. I think she’s SUPER judgmental of her friend evolving in her first job post-college — she’s fine to accept the Marc Jacobs bag, but then gets all mad when Andy herself shows interest in fashion? Hello??? She is also SO sanctimonious over Andy flirting with Christian, like, “The Andy I know is madly in love with Nate” — I’m not saying that Andy is in the right here, but at least maybe ASK HER what’s going on before shouting at your friend. 

MC: I see what you mean about talking to Andy before shouting — I am, in a general sense, opposed to shouting — but I think I always interpreted Lily as being friends to both Andy and Nate, and not just Andy, who happens to be dating Nate. In that case, I think it makes more sense for Lily to get upset in the moment, since she thinks one of her friends is being unkind to another.