An Art Teacher Has Been Fired After Allowing 15-Year-Old Students To Pose Partially Naked For A Project

An art teacher has been fired for allowing her students to take inappropriate photos for an art project.

41-year-old Emma Wright was working as an art teacher at Huxlow Science College in England. In 2017, she assigned her student an art project, including a classroom photoshoot.

Wright allegedly allowed her female students as young as 15 to take “partially naked” pictures of themselves and other students. Some photos showed students using bottles of alcohol and their hands to cover their breasts. Other images showed the girls making offensive gestures while smoking and wearing their school uniforms.

According to The Sun, one picture had a student “posing with their hand inside their underwear or in a pose which simulated masturbation.”

Wright was reported to the Teaching Regulation Agency after the school’s head of design discovered one student’s art portfolio containing inappropriate pictures. The TRA later removed Wright from the teaching register for two years.

“I am a good person. I am not the person they are making me out to be,” Wright says.

The agency gave a statement on the situation, saying, “Whilst the panel was satisfied that there was a low risk of repetition. It did not find that Mrs. Wright had fully reflected on the safeguarding implications of allowing pupils to take photographs of themselves or others in a state of undress.”

Wright is now banned from teaching for two years but says she doesn’t plan on ever teaching again.

“I feel there is a deep injustice about it. But I am not going to appeal because I no longer wish to teach. I have written to my MP, the union, and the education minister regarding this.”