The Sony a9 III Could Be Awesome! Our Wishlist

If you had to guess if the Sony a9 III is coming out, would you think it is? Or is the Sony a1 making it completely useless to release? Personally, I don’t think so. If Sony made a camera with a 50MP sensor a speed demon, they could do it with fewer megapixels too. That’s just the tip of the iceberg on where we think that the next Sony a9 could go. And there’s far more!

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A Modest Megapixel Count

The Sony a9 series has never really went too far into the higher megapixels. So we’d expect the Sony a9 III to do the same thing. Considering that the Sony a7 IV has 33MP, we think that’s acceptable for the Sony a9. The previous 24MP sensor is good enough for most photographers, but even APS-C cameras are outdoing them at the moment. So full-frame needs to push further. The 33MP mark has worked for photographers for years. It’s pretty much what the Canon 5D Mk IV has, and photographers continue to use that camera into today. 

60 Full Resolution Frames a Second?

The Sony a1 takes 50MP and gives it a pretty ridiculous 30fps frame rate. So the Sony a9 III will need to something even more ridiculous. Why not 33 Megapixels at 60 frames a second? Honestly, this might not even be enough since the Nikon z9 can do 45MP at over 100 frames a second. Either way, we’re pretty sure that the Sony a9 III will do something to top everyone else. That’s pretty much what Sony is known for.

Impeccable Weather Resistance

Sony has come a long way with weather resistance over the years. And we’re curious to see what the Sony a9 III will do. How will it top the Sony a1? Could Sony finally give their cameras an IP rating? The only brands that do that otherwise are Leica and OMDS. 

An Improved Touchscreen with the Menu Interface

I know a ton of Sony shooters with newer cameras, and they don’t even bother using the touchscreen on their cameras. Why? The reason is that it has a very aggressive layout that isn’t easy to use. It’s almost as if the touchscreen was designed to not be used. Why can’t the screen be anywhere as good as that tactile nature of their Xperia smartphones?

With all this said, Sony can give the Sony a9 III an even larger screen.

More AI for Vehicles and Other Animal Species

Here’s where Sony is lagging behind its competitors quite a bit. When Sony first came out with the human and animal AI features, it turned a lot of our heads. But since then, they’ve moved at a snail’s pace in this regard. Canon, OM System, and Nikon all have much more advanced AI systems. Sony needs to incorporate vehicle support among others.

What’s more, Sony could add even more animal detection the way that they talked about years ago.

Human Body Tracking

Something that I always thought was fascinating is a tech that Panasonic and Leica both have: human body tracking. It’s very good for those moments when you’re shooting photojournalistic stories. And there are lots of situations where it makes sense to use it instead of face detection. If any company could do this, I’d think that it would be Sony. When the Sony a9 first came out, it would track the face of athletes like runners. But it would make sense to have it also track their bodies as they run. The same goes for athletes like hockey or football where there’s stuff in front of their face.