Listen to an Exclusive Track From The Girl From Plainville Soundtrack

ComingSoon is pleased to share an exclusive track from The Girl from Plainville soundtrack featuring music by Leopold Ross and Nick Chuba.

Lakeshore Records is set to release The Girl From Plainville Original Series Soundtrack digitally on May 13. The score employs gently measured soundscapes within the melodies that belie the intensity simmering throughout the dark drama starring Elle Fanning and Chloë Sevigny. The Girl From Plainville is currently airing on Hulu.

Check out the track “Still on the Surface” below:

“Our way into the story was Michelle Carter’s obsession with Glee, we took that and ran with it as our primary influence,” explained Ross of the track. “But beyond that, we became interested in the dual lives these kids were leading. The intense wells of emotion being typed into their phones were at odds with their somewhat mundane everyday lives. We wanted to reflect that duality by subverting gentle instrumentation such as breathy vocals and clarinets, giving the music a placid exterior that thinly veils complex layers of textural unease.”

Track List:

01. Still, On The Surface
02. Treadmill
03. Aeolian Glee
04. Word Association
05. Stalking
06. Dreaming
07. Hearts For Eyes
08. Safe Harbor
09. Luvdup
10. Paradoxical Behavior
11. Car Confession
12. Aeolian
13. Breath