Picard ‘Two For One’ Episode Makes The Deadliest Star Trek Villains More Dangerous

There is a common bit of time-travel in TV that all shows use from time to time. It’s the flashback. You start in the middle and then the narrative goes back to show the audience how the heroes got there. The latest episode of Star Trek: Picard is one of those, showing Patrick Stewart’s beloved Jean-Luc in dire straits. What makes this surprising is that all Team Sirenna was supposed to be doing was going to a party. This bit of drama, however, pales in comparison to the reveal on last week’s episode that Agnes Jurati, played by Allison Pill, has been quasi-assimilated by Annie Wersching’s Borg Queen. The show reveals this by putting Wersching in the scenes as an unseen assistant to Jurati.

In a way, ‘Two for One’ feels a lot like a bottle episode for Star Trek: Picard, because almost all of the action takes place in one setting. The party caper wasn’t as much of a “romp” as I’d have liked. The resolution of it made for a great Picard moment, and I mean for the character not necessarily the series. One thing about the new Star Trek shows is that folks say they don’t always “feel” like Star Trek. In some cases, like with Picard, this is because both the character and the actor has changed. Yet, a scene near the end of this episode feels like it could have been ripped from the script of 1991 The Next Generation episode.

We’ll get into spoilers below, but if you were hoping for a resolution of all the callbacks to Picard’s mother, this is not that episode. However, the series makes it clear that unpacking that mystery is on the agenda very soon.

Spoilers to follow.

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‘Two For One’ Gives Star Trek: Picard a Nice Evening Out

As revealed last week, Team Sirenna has to infiltrate a heavily secured party in the hopes of keeping John De Lancie’s Q or Brent Spiner’s Doctor Adam Soong from ruining the future. Penelope Mitchell’s Renee Picard is set to go on “the Europa Mission,” which Jean-Luc earlier said found the first alien life in our solar system. Yet, we’ve seen her doubting herself quite a bit, and in this episode she’s ready to ask to be taken off the mission.

With some help from Jurati with the Borg Queen riding shotgun, Picard is able to give Renee a classic Jean-Luc pep talk. As one expects when Patrick Stewart tells you that you’re doing a good job, Renee feels better and enters the pre-mission quarantine. Though, I still suspect that this may be the opposite of what they were supposed to do, because Q is tricky like that. (Also, Terry Matalas loves to get a time-travel singing performance in seasons of his series.) Meanwhile the rest of the crew enjoys their time in the past. Well, all except Jurati. After her impromptu singing performance, the Borg Queen is able to take over her body. Which makes the Borg even more dangerous than we thought, previously.

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How Adam Soong and Isa Briones’ Kore Soong Are Involved

Also, as we discussed last week, any Doctor Soong is probably going to be a bad guy. While this one was more sympathetic than most, it turns out Adam is just as much a ‘Mad Scientist’ as his ancestors.  Kore, we assumed, was his daughter who had a rare condition motivating him to do the bad things he does. For example, he shows up at the party and has Picard almost thrown out. When that didn’t work, he tries to run Jean-Luc and Renee down with his car. He only hits the former, setting up the cold open of the episode. While the ‘Two for One’ title in this episode refers to Jurati and the Borg Queen, I also think that it refers to Picard, Renee and Jean-Luc, in a typical Star Trek twist. Yet, as Soongs always do, Adam fails.

The real revelation comes from when Kore makes her way into her father’s lab to discover that she is not his natural-born daughter. Rather, she seems to be the latest in a series of clones who all died because their biology was corrupted. Soong is not trying to save his kid. He’s trying to save his “life’s work.” Kore is horrified by this, and like Isa Briones’ character from Picard season 1, I suspect she will eventually join Team Sirenna, sacrificing herself ultimately to stop her dad from being as evil as he’s becoming.

Still, the Q of it all hangs out in the world. He is a crafty one, and I wonder if the true reason for his interference has yet to actually reveal itself. Either way, this is a great season of Star Trek: Picard, and ‘Two for One’ deepens the lore and gave us great character moments.

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What did you think of ‘Two for One,’ and what are your thoughts on this season of Star Trek: Picard so far? Is Renee the true target, or is Kore who might be the key to all of this? Share your thoughts, reactions, and theories in the comments below.

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