21 Surprising Facts Celebs Would Prefer We Didn’t Know About Them

Smith told VH1, “Axl came, and he laid his head in my lap and became all serious. And he looked at me and said, ‘Adriana, I want to talk to you about something that’s very serious and very special and important to me, and nobody else will do this.'” Smith said she replied, “For the band, sure, no problem, for the band! And a bottle of Jack Daniels.”

At that point, they ran into a problem: The sound engineer didn’t want to be involved mic’ing and recording these shenanigans, so his assistant Vic Deyglio had to set everything up. Deyglio later told Rolling Stone, “It was like a Ron Jeremy set in there,” and ended up being credited in the album’s liner notes as “Victor ‘the fucking engineer’ Deyglio.”

Once microphones were laid on the floor of the vocal booth, the lights were dimmed, and Rose and Smith commenced having sex.