Tom Holland Revealed What Zendaya Thought About All Of His Extreme Stunts In “Uncharted”

“What on Earth is this movie about?”

Tom Holland had a little bit of a tough time sharing the plot of Uncharted with his girlfriend, Zendaya.

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In the flick, based on the popular video game series, Tom takes on some intense stunts — and they’re pretty wild to explain.

During a recent interview, Tom described the stunts, which included getting hit by a car in mid-air, as both “exciting” and “tough.”

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In fact, he says that when he told Zendaya about it all, she had to stop him in the middle of it.

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“I was actually on set on Spider-Man pitching the movie to Zendaya. I was going through the film scene by scene, and I told her, ‘Oh, there’s this great bit where I get hit by a car out of a plane,'” Tom said on Late Night With Seth Meyers.

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He continued, “And she’s like, ‘I have to stop you there. What on Earth is this movie about?'”

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And while the stunts may have sounded a little crazy, Tom says it all came together safely.

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“It was a lot of fun. The stunts is something I’ve really always enjoyed, and I have two amazing stunt doubles… Our motto is that things should look dangerous while being safe,” Tom explained.

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Hear all that Tom had to say below.

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