It’s Official — Taylor Swift And Ed Sheeran Are Releasing A New Song Together, And The Title Sounds Like It’ll Be An Absolute BANGER

Your fave melodic duo is BACK.

Fans have been speculating for WEEKS about who the rumored featured artist would be on Ed Sheeran‘s remixed track.

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During an interview in October, he confirmed that the remixed version of his new song, titled “The Joker and the Queen,” would feature an “American artist,” which obviously sent fans into a tailspin.

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But as of today, we know that the featured artist is none other than the one, the only, MISS TAYLOR SWIFT.

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AKA Ed’s duet partner of choice and frequent collaborator since 2012.

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Ed teased a brief 28-second snippet of the song on his Instagram and Twitter earlier this morning, and boy are your ears in for a treat.

In the usual T-Swift fashion, she and Ed have been teasing us for months with subtle clues. First, there was the joker and queen–themed leather jacket Ed wears in his music video for “Overpass Graffiti” that, if you zoom in, you can see a teeny, tiny box with “Taylor Swift” written in it.

And then Taylor was apparently going around selling packs of playing cards on her promo tour for Red (Taylor’s Version) last year.

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But now the song is finally almost here! “The Joker and the Queen” comes out Friday, so get your ears ready, people!

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