Dante Basco Revealed Which Of His Beloved Characters Would Win If They Fought Each Other And 12 Other Things We Learned About Him

4. You may be surprised by who he believes would win if his characters had to battle each other.

“It’s got to be Jake Long. It’s got to be the American Dragon: Jake Long. Like, he’s a dragon!!! He’s a dragon!!!!!!! And someone told me recently at a Con I believe they’re like, you know, Rufio is so popular. And Zuko, obviously so popular. And they’re like, don’t forget you have an original Disney character. I’m like, Oh, yeah. Jake Long the American Dragon. And this person says, Jake Long is the first Asian American Disney hero. That’s true.’ And I was like, ‘What are you talking about? So what about Mulan?’ And she was like, ‘No Mulan is from China.’ I was like, ‘Oh, you’re right.’ Jake Long the Mack Daddy Dragon of the NYC, he’s the first Asian American Disney hero. So shout out to Jake Long! And he’s a dragon! I think if he goes Dragon form, he’s taking everybody out.”