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Usually, sports and musicals are the opposite ends of the spectrum. I think that Ted Lasso can be the perfect merger of the two. The show already had karaoke moments and a dance sequence. Most of the cast has had theatre experience, some of who had lead roles in musicals. Due to the realistic elements in the show, it would have to be a typical dream episode.

The Law Order Series

Is this mainly because of what wonderful Raúl Esparza and producer Warren Leight said on Twiter? Yes. Both prominent individuals endorsed a musical episode;  Would it have to be the typical dream episode? Yes. Do I think it would be a great idea? Yes. The series is notorious for working with Broadway talent. It has one of the most infamous theme songs of all time. The threads are there. So, why not go all out? Hire musicians and composers from New York City. That way, it can also be a love letter to the city where most shows occur.


The only British original and American remake show on this list tells of a woman who sees and speaks with ghosts at her hotel. The British version has already had the cast perform a musical number together in the Christmas episode, so why not go further, making the entire episode a musical? A different music style for each of the ghosts representing their period of time would certainly add depth. Additionally, for the American version, they could bring on a musical group and perform while their ghosts mess with the performance, much to the anger of the living characters.


The second to the last show on this list is Barry. The main plot and setting took place in a theatre during Season one. So, why not have them make the music from Assassins? Yes, it might be a little on the nose. However, it could add another level of intensity to show that it is already a complex dark comedy.

Miracle Workers

Out of all the shows on this list, I believe Miracle Workers is the best suited for a musical episode or even a musical season. The show has a different premiss and setting each season. You have Daniel Radcliff, who is down for anything artistically fun or different; he has also led a Broadway musical. Heck, he even has done a musical moment on the show that is fantastic. His other castmates have the experience too.  If and when this show does a musical episode, I hope it is as unique and crazy as the rest of the show.

And there you have it; seven shows that should do a musical episode in the future. What TV shows would you like to do a musical episode? Comment down below. Thanks for reading!