Grant Gustin Flash Movie Cameo Could Happen According To New Rumor

With Spider-Man: No Way Home out in theaters now, the biggest superhero movie that online leakers and theorizers are focused on is The Flash. In a way, the two movies are similar as they both bring back actors as previous iterations of classic superhero characters. Well, a new rumor says that Grant Gustin could have a cameo in The Flash movie as Ezra Miller’s Barry Allen runs through the Arrowverse. Given the production schedule of The Flash TV series and how many alternate reality characters The Flash movie has to introduce, I suspect that if there is a cameo from Grant Gustin it will be a quick one. The rumor also suggests that other TV shows or DC franchises may appear as well, like Smallville. We strongly believe this rumor is true, though our sources are just our eyeballs and brains.

The biggest moment of the CW’s Crisis on Infinite Earths event came from its cameos. Burt Ward of Batman ’66 fame, Robert Wuhl of Batman ’89 fame, and Tom Welling’s Clark Kent all showed up. Yet, the biggest moment came towards the end of the event when while trying to jumpstart reality, Grant Gustin’s Barry Allen ran into Ezra Miller’s Barry Allen. The two had a conversation before Miller vanished suddenly. Yet, not before Grant’s Barry gave him the idea of the name “The Flash.” It was a great moment proving that every Barry Allen is a delight, no matter the universe.

Still, what makes us think this is relevant to The Flash movie is that the Grant Gustin meets Ezra Miller cameo came from on high in DC Films and Warner Bros. They asked producer Marc Guggenheim to shoot that scene at the last minute, and they clearly had a reason.

Is the Rumor About a Grant Gustin Cameo in The Flash Movie from a Credible Source?

Grant Gustin and John Wesley Shipp In The Flash. Image via The CW

When it comes to these rumors and their sources, one always has to be aware of who is claiming what. Some people and sites just make things up using educated guesses. Other times they report what people tell them, but those sources are just making things up. This one, however, feels very credible. It comes from Mike Sutton of, who posted one of the earliest versions of that “The Flash movie erases the DCEU” rumor that’s popping up again. However, as Sutton keeps track of which of his rumors end up confirmed, even he notes the merger of Warner Bros. and Discovery Media affects these plans in ways no leaker or insider could know. Discovery Media will likely be less keen to eradicate a very popular iteration of DC Films continuity.

Still, whether Sutton’s source is credible or not, that Grant Gustin would cameo in The Flash movie is not a huge jump to a conclusion. However, as Sutton says that Miller will see Gustin’s Flash “again,” I suspect it may not be something new nor will the cameo be as substantive as the previous Spideys in No Way Home. I suspect that we might see what we saw in Crisis On Infinite Earths, but just from the perspective of Ezra Miller’s Barry Allen. Of course, it’s also possible that he meets a different version of the Grant Gustin Barry, too. Really, anything is possible. Still, I suspect that neither Warner Bros. nor Andy Muschietti would make watching Hour 4 of the CW’s 2019 crossover event a prerequisite for their movie.

Is This DC’s Take on the Multiverse: Into the Flash-Verse: No Way Home?

Crisis On Infinite Earths Ezra Miller Grant Gustin Image via Instagram

Personally, I think that Grant Gustin could definitely carry a larger cameo in The Flash movie. However, it took us nine movies to get our Spider-Verse moment in live-action, I can see them wanting to save some of that for future Flash movies. Though, it’d be nice to see Grant Gustin, John Wesley Shipp, and Ezra Miller all in the same scene. Yes, it’s pure fan service, but it also is a way to honor the actors, especially Shipp, who took risks on superhero projects long before they dominated pop culture. Still, the plot of this movie feels like it has enough heavy lifting to do, especially since it’s introducing a new Supergirl and re-introducing Michael Keaton as Batman. (And Keaton is returning for Batgirl!)

In the past, Warner Bros. and DC Films have shown they don’t necessarily have the patience that Marvel Studios has when it comes to building up an event. When they were released, the Zack Snyder movies were initially panned for trying to rush the shared universe connections that the MCU built over multiple years and multiple movies. Yet, for the back quarter of the 20th century, DC comic book movies were the only superhero game in town. How Marvel ended up lapping DC at the box office is a story worthy of season 2 of the Slugfest documentary.

As Warner Bros. changes parent companies for a second time this decade, we can hope that Discovery Media doesn’t fear the mingling of TV and feature film properties like the old executives. So, while Grant Gustin will almost certainly cameo in The Flash movie, it’s possible that the two Barry Allen actors will unite on-screen multiple times in the future.

The Flash movie debuts in theaters November 4, 2022.

What do you think? Did you expect Grant Gustin to cameo in The Flash movie? Do you think it will be a quick “run through,” or do you think he might play a sizeable role? Share your thoughts, theories, and hopes for the DC Multiverse in the comments below.

Featured image via Warner Bros.

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