Emma Stone For Spider-Gwen Movie At Sony – Possibly, If New Online Rumor Is True

With the massive success for Spider-Man: No Way Home, both Sony Pictures and Marvel Studios proved their universe is big enough for many characters. Also, The Amazing Spider-Man series is in the midst of something of a renaissance. People realize that they were perhaps a bit too harsh on these films. Sure, they have issues (what movie doesn’t?) but the kids who grew up with these movies love them as much as any Spidey film. So, whether this is an actual leaked rumor or just a good guess, Sony Pictures wants Emma Stone for a Spider-Gwen movie. There are reasons to both believe and be skeptical about this rumor, if only for the mercurial nature of Hollywood contracts. Still, let’s see where this comes from and if it’s true.

It’s not just the success of the latest live-action movie. The success of Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse, which featured Spider-Gwen as a central character, also plays a role in Sony Pictures’ decision-making. Yet, the desire to build a franchise as cheaply as possible (especially in the 2021 box office climate) gives us pause. If Sony Pictures wants to make a Spider-Gwen live-action movie for the purposes of a new franchise, would they go with Emma Stone and her take on Gwen? There is also the Peter Parker problem, specifically that they’d be expected to bring back Andrew Garfield just to kill him.

Yet, if the last decade of superhero movies and TV series have proven anything, it’s that anything is possible. Especially with the resurgence of love for the Spider-Man universe with Emma Stone as Gwen, why not try to capitalize on that with a new movie?

Let the speculation begin!

Emma Stone for Spider-Gwen Live-Action Sony Movie – Why the Rumor Might Be True

Sony wants Emma Stone for Spider-Gwen Movie Ghost Spider Stacy Amazing Man 2 Image via Sony Pictures

Before I got to write about whimsy and stories on a daily basis, I was a regular-old reporter. So, that means any story is only as good as its source. In the entertainment space, especially for these big franchises, there is a cottage industry of online leakers on Twitter and Reddit with a mixed bag of success. There are those people who just get it wrong, of course. They’re easy to spot. There are also those who have a legitimate source and report what they are told as factually as they can. Finally, there are those who just make educated guesses, including those built off of other, confirmed leaks and rumors. In the case of Sony wanting Emma Stone for a Spider-Gwen movie, the rumor comes from two specific leakers.

One of them is My Time To Shine Hello (MTSH), an anonymous leaker on Twitter and most active on Reddit. Their record is a mixed bag of close-to-accurate predictions and wild speculation seemingly based off of other leaks. To be clear, I am not suggesting that MTSH is just making stuff up, but rather that they seem to be less judicious than some about what rumors they pass on. In this case, MTSH is just co-signing the rumor that Sony Pictures wants Emma Stone for a live-action Spider-Gwen movie.

The original source is Twitter user @EdwinSRP, who started tweeting in November 2021. Looking back through the tweets, this person has been right about everything. (It’s possible they delete wrong predictions, but there is no evidence such as ghost replies to a deleted tweet or anything.) Also, all EdwinSRP is saying is that Sony is open to the idea, meaning if talks are even going on with the actor they are in very preliminary stages.

Why a Ghost Spider Film From Sony Might Actually Be Very Different

Ghost Spider Comic Image via Marvel Entertainment

In 2018, Marvel Comics decided to change the name of Spider-Gwen to Ghost Spider. If Sony Pictures and Marvel Entertainment hope to keep character branding consistent, they may want to kickstart a franchise with a new and, let’s face it, younger actor.

Okay, clarification and caveat time. At the age of 33, Emma Stone is perfectly capable of playing Spider-Gwen or Ghost Spider or even Gwenpool. She is a recognizable name and has history with the character of Gwen Stacy. There is no maximum age limit for a woman superhero character. Betty White could be one.

Still, it’s possible that Sony Pictures is taking a page out of Marvel Studios’ playbook. Rather than going with a big name for a marquee Spider-Verse character, they could cast a younger, relative unknown in the role. This would both establish this Ghost Spider is a brand-new thing, and Sony Pictures would save money on actor salary. They also might want to lock down an actor who has fewer options than Stone into a long-term deal. And as much as the Amazing movies are having a renaissance, there is no guarantee that goodwill lasts beyond No Way Home.

Sony wants Emma Stone for Spider-Gwen Movie Ghost Spider Stacy Amazing Man Image via Sony Pictures

Another reason why the rumor that Sony Pictures wants Emma Stone for a Spider-Gwen movie might not be true comes down to diversity. For all the classic Spider-Man love we’re seeing, there are people clamoring for more stories with Miles Morales. So, Sony Pictures might introduce a Ghost Spider film featuring a non-white actor in the Gwen Stacy role.

Sony also reportedly has projects in the works for Spider-Woman and Silk. They also want to do TV shows, like the reported Jackpot project. There is an appetite for Spider-Verse characters, but for how many?

Verdict: The Rumor that Sony Pictures Wants Emma Stone for a Spider-Gwen Movie Is Plausible Not a Certainty

Gwen Ghost Spider COmic Image via Marvel Entertainment

In terms of how truthful this rumor is, we say that it feels like an educated guess or one of many options Sony is considering. The original source appears to have a solid track record of being right. The second source is less solid, but still not one we can fairly dismiss out-of-hand. Still, we do not put this report on the same level as one from one of the Hollywood trades or other sites with more solid track records when it comes to sourcing. Yet, if they later report something similar, we should take note that at least one of these leakers seems to have a genuine insider source at Sony or Marvel.

A Spider-Gwen movie starring Emma Stone does make sense for Sony on one hand. She’s an established actor playing a version of a character audiences are familiar with. Spider-Man: No Way Home showed that there is still an appetite for Spider stories outside of the MCU. Still, this feels like it would be in the very early stages and the type of project that can fall through for any number of reasons. It’s also possible that Stone herself has moved on from this experience and wants to do different things as an actor.

Spider-Gwen Into the SPider-Verse Sony Image via Sony Pictures

What do you think? Do you believe Sony Pictures wants Emma Stone for a Spider-Gwen or Ghost Spider movie? Would you like to see that? If not her, who would you want to play Gwen Stacy or Ghost Spider? Share your thoughts, theories, and fan casting in the comments below.

Featured image via Sony Pictures.

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