Low Funds During the Holidays; Tips On Making Do

Let’s be honest, times are hard for many of us, and with the holidays here (AND the first of the month), it doesn’t make it any easier on us.

Making everything happen is already a strain but adding in the pressure of gift-giving, and celebrating can have a devastating toll on us.

But one thing we must remember, we aren’t going to stress ourselves over a day. If your funds are low this year, just know you aren’t and alone and there are ways to get through.

If you plan on giving out gifts or celebrating, one key action to take is, STICK TO A BUDGET. Budgeting is everything when it comes to financing. Find out how much you have to spare, make your list, and see who gets what amount. And to help out, even more, skim down your list. A lot of people say Christmas is for the kids. Maybe take that approach.

There are however a lot of things people need that are thoughtful and inexpensive. So think thoughtful over expensive. If you know someone who loves to cook you can find an affordable recipe book. Amazon is full of gifts that people can use. Let’s face it, many of us forget about the simple things people need to get by.

What I think is a great idea is an act of offering a service. Instead of taking from your money, it takes from your time. If someone you know has kids, offer a night of babysitting to them, a home-cooked meal, or a carwash. Acts of service can definitely go a long way and save both some money. Think thoughtful over expensive.

If that doesn’t do it, sometimes just your presence is enough. When times are hard, just having a positive mind set and a smile is all we need.