Mystery, Thriller, & Suspense Books to Read

09 Dec 2021

Mystery, Thriller, & Suspense Books to Read | December 2021

Don’t miss out on these exciting new mystery, thriller, and suspense books that are perfect to add to your reading list this fall! Check out these new books by bestselling authors Erik Goddard, M. K. Wiseman, Raven Gulley, Barbara Nickless, Melinda Leigh, and Gregg Olsen. Enjoy your new mystery, thriller, and suspense books!

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The Kidnapping of Sarah Easton

by Erik Goddard

Release Date: November 10, 2021

The morning it happened, Sarah thought little of the slight change in plans. By evening, she realizes the result of that decision: she is trapped in a remote cabin, where her captors force her to record a ransom demand aimed at her wealthy father. As the countdown to the deadline begins and Sarah looks for ways to escape her confine, she is unaware that a far more sinister danger is lurking.

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Sherlock Holmes & the Singular Affair

by M. K. Wiseman

Release Date: December 7, 2021

Before Baker Street, there was Montague. Before partnership with a former army doctor recently returned from Afghanistan, Sherlock Holmes had but the quiet company of his own great intellect. Solitary he might be but, living as he did for the thrill of the chase, it was enough. For a little while, at the least, it was enough…

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Outlaws Awakened (Reapers Wings Book 1)

by Raven Gulley

Release Date: September 25, 2021

It’s been ten years since the Southern Demons have shown their faces in Heartwood Springs. Ten years of nothing but peace. All of that is about to change. War is about to reignite. Hugh Jackson, the President of the Southern Demons, has ordered a hit on Darcy. He wants her murdered to let the Reapers Wings know that he’s back. He wants to send a clear message that they don’t plan on leaving.

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At First Light (Dr. Evan Wilding Book 1)

by Barbara Nickless

Release Date: December 1, 2021

On the muddy banks of the Calumet River, a body has been found posed next to a series of mysterious glyphs and bearing wounds from a ritualistic slaying. Chicago detective Addie Bisset knows only one man who can decipher the message left by the killer: her friend Dr. Evan Wilding. A brilliant forensic semiotician, Evan decodes the etchings as Viking Age runes. They suggest either human sacrifice or righteous punishment. But to what god? And for what sins? Only one thing is clear from the disturbing runic riddles: there are more victims to come.

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Her Second Death

by Melinda Leigh

Release Date: December 7, 2021

When a man is shot in the head, Bree Taggert and her new partner, veteran detective Dana Romano, respond to the call. They break the news to the victim’s ex-wife and learn the estranged couple’s five-year-old daughter was supposed to have been with him. What starts as a murder investigation quickly morphs into a desperate search for a missing child. The case stirs memories of Bree’s own traumatizing childhood. To find the little girl, Bree will have to relive her own terrifying past.

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Stillwater Island (Detective Megan Carpenter Book 4)

by Gregg Olsen

Release Date: December 7, 2021

“Mommy, I’m scared.” Marlena’s precious boy lies with his little arm thrown over her thigh. It’s pitch-black, and she can hear seagulls. She realizes they must be near water, and a new panic rises in her. At 2 a.m. one icy winter morning, in the smart suburbs of Jefferson County, local father Ben Parker reports his wife Marlena and their little boy missing. Rushing to the impressive family home, Detective Megan Carpenter finds the halls adorned with pictures of the beautiful, stay-at-home mom and their bright-eyed son. But that’s not all she finds…

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