The Family Of 9-Year-Old Ezra Blount Declines Travis Scott’s Offer To Pay For Funeral

While Travis Scott offered to pay the funeral costs of those who died during a stampede at his Astroworld Festival in Houston, the family of the youngest victim, Ezra Blount,9,  has declined his offer.

As you may recall, Ezra Blount was on his father’s shoulders when his father passed out, causing Ezra to fall as well. During the fall, he was unfortunately trampled during the incident and was separated from his father. As a result, he suffered major organ damage and was placed in a medically induced coma, in which he died after eight days.

Travis Scott’s attorney, Daniel M. sent a letter on November 24th to the attorneys representing the family– Crump and Bob Hilliard–to extend Scott’s “deepest sympathies and condolences for the loss of his son Ezra,” and to offer his financial support.

On behalf of the family, Hilliard responded and rejected the offer.

“The loss of a child is like a faucet of unimaginable pain that has no off handle,” Hilliard’s letter said. “Your client’s offer is declined.”

As you know, 10 people lost their lives and multiple were injured at the Astroworld Festival. According to new court documents, Travis Scott, Drake, Live Nation, NRG Stadium, Apple Music and more are facing a $2 billion lawsuit following the deadly incident at Astroworld.

@NYPost reports, San Antonio, Texas attorney Thomas Henry has formally filed a multi-billion-dollar lawsuit ($2 billion to be exact) on behalf of 282 victims of the fatal Astroworld music festival—and Travis Scott is at the center of it…but he’s not alone. Drake, Live Nation, NRG Stadium, Apple Music, and a list of others are also named in the lawsuit.

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