Annie Blackman – “Drive”

Annie Blackman continues her string of 2021 singles with a new one today, “Drive.” It’s a rambling road song about the decision of whether to hit the road or not, as Blackman weighs her options between the coasts and decides to stay put. Through all that back-and-forth, Blackman hits on some thoughts about place and our relationship to where we happen to be: “Can’t sweat anything I never thought I’d get to do/ A city’s more than its proximity to you/ The answer’s there, I could know it if I tried/ Say you’re falling apart, well, you know know what, so am I.”

“Drive is a post-grad panic song. In 2020, I spent a lot of time thinking about whether I wanted to move to New York or LA, and every time, the debate came back to my fear of driving,” Blackman said in a statement. “I used that as a launchpad to spiral about my imagined adult life. Writing this song helped me decide to stay in New York.”

Listen below.

“Drive” is out now via Father/Daughter.