10 Top Images from the Street Photography Awards 2021

The Street Photography Awards just announced their 2021 winners and finalists, and these top street shots did not disappoint. We’ve included ten of our favorite winners from this annual street photography contest on the following two pages.

Organized by the Street Photographers foundation with the goal of promoting the best street photography around the world, the 2021 competition featured a variety of head-turning street shots from an international collection of photographers with the goal of capturing what Henri Cartier-Bresson called, “the decisive moment.” Featured at the top of the story is an image from the Series Winner, “Oblivious City,” by Dimitri Mellos of the USA. 

Here’s what Mellos had to say about the approach behind his winning street photography series.: “I walk the streets of New York City and photograph strangers. Serendipity, evanescence, a deep respect for and affirmation of the world as encountered: these are the elements that are essential to my approach. The scope of my photos is narrow and mundane, like the lives they depict – like the lives of most of us. But I seek glimpses of transcendence in the mundane. I am interested in fleeting gestures and glances, moments of connection in the urban flow, the ephemeral dance of light and shadow and street life. These photographs are as much portraits of individual people as they are portraits of moments of being. They are my feeble protest against the city’s forgetfulness.”

See Mellos’ full winning photo series and the other winners and finalists on the Street Photography Awards 2021 site. We also encourage you to check our story from yesterday about pioneering street photographer Jill Freedman’s classic book, Street Cops, which is finally back in print.

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As you’ll notice, many of the winning photos in the from the Street Photography Awards 2021 were shot in black-and-white. If black-and-white photography is an interest of yours, you should consider entering our own Black & White 2021 Photo Contest here.

Photo of three people on the subwayFinalist – “Q Train” by Paul Kessel, USA Photo of a bird and a dogFinalist – “Dog got wings” by Subhran Karmakar, India Photo of a goat auctionSingle Image Winner – “Goat auction in Nizwa” by Maude Bardet, Netherlands Photo of person jumping off busFinalist – “After a bus journey” by Akib Amjad, Bangladesh