What did you miss at the first LondonSWF Lab?

Last night was the first online Lab at the London Screenwriters Festival. There are still another eight to go – if you have a pass for the festival you can apply for the labs, more on them HERE. And here’s what the writers who attended shared with us… And if you do have a pass for the festival, apply now for the next one, submissions close on Friday night.

‘These labs offer an amazing chance to get up close and personal with people who can move your career forward.’ James Pemberton // Writer

‘Joey Tuccio is fab, and his enthusiasm and positivity are infectious. I haven’t yet booked my ticket to LA but learnt so much, and was offered the opportunity to pitch for US representation. Can’t ask for more than that. Thanks so much. Still buzzing!’
Zanna Cardash // Screenwriter, Actor

‘The Lab with Joey was amazing. He didn’t just give us advice about Hollywood, he actual offered to help us get our work to Hollywood. What a wonderful and generous soul.’
Kerry-Ann Calleja Mcgregor // Screenwriter

‘Joey Tuccio is one of the most inspirational speakers on the subject of selling your films and yourself to Hollywood. This lab went beyond my high expectations.’
Jonah Jones // Writer, Director

‘The London Screenwriters re-lit my mojo, set me on a road to complete scripts, introduced me to a mentor and this lab was the icing on the cake. It has given me hope in a complicated world. Joey is amazing. The lab was amazing. Dealing with the folks in the LSF is like walking into a library. They know everything and they do everything. Thank you so much. Seriously.’
Bobby Stevenson // Writer, Filmaker, Author

Chris Jones