TD CREATIVE MUSIC COMMISSIONS | Coastal Jazz & Blues Society

In March 2020, the performing arts ground to a halt, and event producers scrambled to figure out next steps. Here at Coastal Jazz, we entertained a number of ideas, but ultimately what we heard from the artistic community was that, at a time where live performances weren’t possible, what they really needed was to replace lost income and to feel creative.

What we finally landed on was to support artists with commissioning fees, allowing them to use this time to write new music while also paying their bills. With the ongoing support of TD, we were able to help out a number of artists in at least a small way, while contributing positively to the music. We did not put any requirements on time, results, number of tunes, format, or ensemble. We recognized that creativity hits in mysterious ways, and perhaps these funds would be used to fund ultimately unsuccessful experiments.

As you peruse our site, you may have noticed this logo attached to certain events

Commission recipients performing at this year’s festival include:

A.W. Cardinal 

Alvaro Rojas 

André Lachance 

Bonnie Northgraves 

Dalannah Gail Bowen 

DJ Kookum 

Elisa Thorn 

Jamie Lee 

Jon Bentley 

Joshua Zubot 

Kevin Romain 

Quincy Mayes 

Roxanne Nesbitt 

Shanto Acharia

We hope you’ll tune in or attend a performance, and enjoy what was created.